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Bambino's Playschool provides a nurturing, loving, and educational environment for young children to learn, grow, and explore in.


We are dedicated to ensuring that all children are given the opportunities they need to be successful, keeping in mind that children need to be stimulated, engaged, and most importantly having fun! We currently offer full-time and part-time programs, with both full-day and half-day schedules. We are open 12 months per year and close for major holidays throughout the year. Our scheduling flexibility allows parents to select programs to fit individual needs.

Kids in Preschool

Develop your child’s mind

Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to solve problems, initiate activities, explore, experiment, question, and gain mastery through hands-on opportunities.

Program Days

2 Days per Week:

Tuesday, Thursday

3 Days per Week:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

5 Days per Week:

Monday – Friday

Program Times

Half-Day Program

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Full-Day Program

7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Before School Program (grades K - 5)

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

After School Program (grades K - 5)

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

The Benefits of a Farm to Table Approach & Preschool Garden Program

Two of the most impactful and rewarding components of our curriculum are our farm to table meals and our preschool garden program! Children participate in hands-on gardening and cooking activities at school and at home. We believe there's no better way for children to develop healthy eating habits than to participate in the process of growing and consuming fresh foods directly from their very own gardens. Our outdoor learning environment (or playground) provides many opportunities for learning and development from gross motor activities to gardening!

Food Program

Develops healthy eating habits

Builds a sense of community

Improves physical health

Winning against childhood obesity

Home Gardening

Healthy Eating

At Bambino's Playschool, we are committed to making a shift in the way children view healthy eating habits. We aim to change the way young children view healthy food and teach them about good food choices.  It is important for them to understand how to make GREAT choices about what goes into their bodies, learn more about Farm to Table, and build relationships with our local farmers!​

Community Garden


Children have the opportunity to participate in our preschool gardening projects right outside the classroom in our outdoor learning environment (playgrounds).  They learn to grow and produce fresh fruits and vegetables.  The hands-on gardening is linked to many of our classroom activites such as science, mathematics, cooking, and so much more!  ​

Gardening Lesson


We strongly believe in the benefits of connecting children with nature.  Research shows that children's social, psychological, academic and physical health is positively impacted when they have daily contact with nature.  Play in nature is a key component in developing the capacity for creativity, problem-solving, and intellectual development.

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